Adding media in WordPress

Say that I wanted to include a picture in my blog post. I would enter the Dashboard, click on Posts, select a post that I am working on or create a new post, and then click the “Add Media” button on top of the text editor window. A new window will appear with a number of options listed to the left. For instance, you can upload files from your computer to WordPress or you can link other media resources into your blog. Note that with the free WordPress setup, there are a number of restrictions as to what files you can upload (Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx, pps, ppsx, xls, xlsx, key). If you want to upload *.mp3 files or video files, you will have to purchase certain upgrades from WordPress. However, a way to circumvent these restrictions is to use other services to upload your files such as YouTube, and then insert links to these files into your blog posts.

Here is a photo I took with my cellphone of Hoover Tower at Stanford University.

Stanford University Hoover Tower

Stanford University Hoover Tower

I will also include a link to Stanford’s website as well as their Wikipedia page by marking the text I want to linked and then pressing the chain symbol which will show the text “Insert/edit link”. Fill in the necessary information in the box that pops up, and tick off the box marked “Open link in a new window/tab” if you want users to stay on your blog after they have clicked on the link.

Next, we will have a look at inserting videos into the blog posts. How about a virtual campus tour of Stanford? I found this video on YouTube and now I want to embed it on my blog. Go to YouTube, find the video you want to embed, click the “Share” button and press “Embed”. A new box with HTML code will appear and you will want to copy this by marking it, right clicking and the pressing copy. Now, go back to your blog post, find a post where you want the video to be inserted, right click and press paste. If you press the “Preview” button in the upper right corner, you will notice that the video has been inserted into your blog post and can be played directly without having to go to YouTube’s website.

An easier way to embed video into your blog post is to simply press the “Add Media” button, find the Insert YouTube link in the list to the left, enter a keyword/username or simply paste the link to the video you want to include. Select the video you want to have in you blog post and click Insert. A link to the YouTube clip will appear in your post and will show up as embedded if you press the “Preview” button. This time I chose to include a famous commencement address by Steve Jobs from 2005 to newly graduates. Imagine if we could do this at Norwegian universities?

Hope this was helpful. If you have any blogging questions I suggest looking them up on YouTube or consulting the WordPress support forums.


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